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One Soul at a Time


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Reiki, Spiritual Counselling, Tarot Reading, Exorcism, and more...



Wellness is about more than diet and exercise. While both are essential, healing happens from within, and it begins on a spiritual level. 


Reiki healing uses energy to balance your Chakras and help heal all manners of conditions, whether it is a physical, emotional, or spiritual problem. Most people find they benefit greatly from their healing sessions, even if they were skeptical about it.


It's important to understand that Reiki is not a magical cure and healing occurs according to the will of The Source, so proper medical care is strongly recommended, even while undergoing Reiki Healing. 


Soul Spark Reiki offers in-home healing as well as Distance Reiki healing for those who cannot be physically present.

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One should not rely on Reiki, alone, for treating serious illness or injury.
While Reiki can help ease pain, reduce stress, and speed healing, we strongly recommend seeing a medical professional for serious conditions.
We cannot be held responsible if a condition worsens due to lack of proper medical care.

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